When you find out your transmission is in need of repair, we here at Bob Maxey Ford are here to help you.  That's why you can trust our team of technicians to help get your transmission back to its original state, and keep your vehicle on the road here in Detroit and beyond for many miles to come.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms your transmission might not be functioning at 100 percent.

  • A loss of power to your vehicle
  • You vehicle is producing a burning smell
  • If you are seeing a reduction in fuel economy
  • If you hear a clunking or humming sound

A bad transmission can lead to many other serious issues with your vehicle. It's important to contact your local Ford dealership if you are having transmission concerns.

Our service center has loads of experience, and the benefit of having your vehicle taken care of with us, especially with transmission repair on your Ford, because we have the latest technology in terms of tools and equipment to get the job done. We'll know what to do thanks to these tools, and with that, use only the finest and correct Ford parts on your vehicle as well, so it maintains its value and integrity across the board.

So, when it comes to transmission repair and diagnostics here in Detroit for your Ford, stop in and see us at Bob Maxey Ford, as our team can set up an appointment for you, and help get your vehicle back on the road soon.

OEM Ford Parts

We use quality Ford parts for all our transmission repairs.


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