Tire Care Tips and FAQ Make Detroit Driving Easier

If Detroit locals know one thing, it's that sometimes, life throws potholes at you, and opens up bumpy, jarring pavement at the least convenient time. And if all that bumping and jumping has taken its toll on your Ford's tires, then it's time to do something about it. Schedule an appointment with our service center to get new tires or follow the tire care tips below to help extend the life of you tires.

How Can the Bob Maxey Service Center Help Me?

The tire service center at Bob Maxey Ford can help you with just about anything when it comes to the rubber on your wheels. From flat tire repair and patching a slow leak to tire rotations, and a full stock of today's best brands--like Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Yokohama--we've got everything you need.

Buying tires at your local Ford dealer is a good idea--you'll find a great selection of quality products that you know will fit with your vehicle. But buying new tires at Bob Maxey Ford? That's just plain smart. And that's because we offer more ways to save on the tire sales and service that you need, whether you're buying all-seasons, winter tires, tire studs, or all-terrain tires for your sporty all-road vehicle. You could save money on your visit, and take advantage of expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tire Service and Care

  • Why do I need tire rotations every few thousand miles? You may think that your tires are "rotating" themselves every time you drive; but the rotation we're talking about is moving tires from one position on the vehicle to another. Not only does this help significantly extend the life of your tires by evening out wear and tear, it can help your technicians see if there's an issue with your wheels' alignment
  • When do I need to replace my tires? When the tread on your tires has worn too thin, they can't do their job properly and should be replaced. To test this, grab a penny! Stick a penny top-first into a tire tread--if you can see Abraham Lincoln's head, your tread is too thin and you should consult a Ford tire expert. Properly rotating your tires, as mentioned above, can help extend the life of tires
  • Why is tire inflation and air pressure so important? On average, tires lose about 1 pound per square inch (psi) every month--and can also lose pressure when the temperatures drop. These small drops can add up, and low pressure in your tires can mean bad fuel economy at best, and dangerously high temperatures and a blowout at worst

Ready to get back on a good foot? Or, more accurately, a good tire? Schedule tire service at Bob Maxey Ford in Detroit, and feel the power of true, solid on-road performance.

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